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When did Apple make its home in Shenzhen?

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
Previously, has got the news that Apple will open sixth stores in the mainland Chinese, which will undoubtedly make fruit powder excited. However, when the offering and related information, apple China yesterday did not respond to the local area, also related to silence, silence is golden, but Apple has been in the online recruitment quietly Shenzhen stores multiple staff. This may be Apple's mysterious atmosphere, get free publicity again "skilled operation."".
Earlier, sources said that Apple will open an official retail store in Yitian Holiday Plaza, the business area of about 1000 square meters, has completed the lease procedures, Nanshan District will be held for Apple stores opening coordination. But yesterday the relevant parties are asked, not confirmed or denied.
According to insiders close to the matter, the matter is basically true and the parties are unanimous and sealed. Apple is one of the mystery to maintain consistent and other related parties are worried about premature exposure affect implementation, so as to avoid New problems crop up unexpectedly.
On the other hand, Apple has been quietly in the recruitment online, Shenzhen shop recruit. Yesterday, apple Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to update the information on the website in the future, indicating the work status of "Shenzhen", recruitment manager, sales / customer service technical support engineer, training specialist, Purchasing Guide, warehouse manager and other 5 positions, the number of recruits were for "some", the basic coverage of all the staff set up shop need.
At present, Apple has only opened 6 retail stores in Shanghai, Beijing and Hongkong. If you open a shop in Shenzhen, it will probably be the sixth retail store opened by apple in the mainland.
All the news and data show that apple is accelerating the pace of opening the mainland, while Shenzhen is one of the earliest cities to consider. Hongkong JobsDB website information shows that Apple Corp Asia plan to fully explore the huge business opportunities in the mainland, in Shenzhen and Chengdu two new official retail stores.
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