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China has become the largest manufacturing base of Apple accessories industry chain

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
Whether sales or profit margins in markets outside the United States, apple growth accounted for the most part, while the China area has become the largest overseas market, become the manufacturing base of apple industry chain is the most important and most important. As of January 15th this year, Apple released a list of the world's 156 major suppliers, including a large number of Chinese enterprises. Data show that, at present, China has formed for the production of Apple accessories products industry, the light Shenzhen gathered more than 1500 manufacturers, the annual output value of more than one hundred billion yuan.
The number of Apple suppliers, including agents and manufacturers, is numerous. What are the suppliers relying on in the fiercely competitive, fashionable and ever-changing Apple accessories market? How to improve the interests and value of Chinese enterprises in Apple's global industry chain? The industry believes that, in the fierce competition in the market, in addition to keep up with the fashion changeable market trend, suppliers on the market for the final competition, after the shuffle "live" down, shaping after all rely on excellent product quality and brand.
Apple's biggest feature is constantly changing, every time there are many changes in the outstanding accessories brands highlighted, unable to grasp the market opportunities will be eliminated. A dealer engaged in the production and sale of Apple accessories for many years, said with deep feeling, there are about 1000 manufacturers and agents involved in Apple accessories in china.
The past two years, Apple products in the market can be described as "wind and water", and its accessories market demand is also rapidly expanding, has a good profit margins. But the reality is that the growth of parts suppliers has far exceeded the expansion of market demand. In the eyes of many suppliers, apple accessories industry has entered a relatively mature stage, that is, the so-called competition shuffle stage, if not done well enough, it is easy to be eliminated.
Under the market survival mechanism, the apple parts suppliers pay more and more attention to the quality of products, and some products tend to make art collections. To produce and sell a wide range of mobile phone sets of silicone, for example, its bright colors, stylish personality, very popular with consumers. But behind the bright appearance, some of the inferior silica gel smells pungent and users worry about its poisonous and harmful effects. Jia Yanbin said, inferior mobile phone silicone sleeve may release toxic and harmful substances, affecting the health of users. However, most parts manufacturers have adopted more environmentally friendly silicone materials, there is no smell, it will not release toxic and harmful substances.
Apple back clip battery manufacturers in Shenzhen City Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. responsible Li Pingzhi said that fashion is a major feature of Apple accessories industry, the general consumer positioning in the fashion consumer goods, clothing and other industries often follow the latest fashion. Design and market trends of products varied, encourage enterprises every year in improving product technology, continue to introduce new technology in quality control on continuous training of staff, the timely introduction of foreign advanced testing equipment, testing and production process checks from the incoming test and factory test multi port.
In 2012, the Digital World Expo Asia and the apple industry chain conference site, many vendors display products are "Made for iPod/iPhone" logo. This is the Apple Corp for the supplier, product certification mark, the accessories products comply with apple main product requirements, technical parameters suitable for Apple products, not because of the destruction of the main function and safety accessories products.
It is understood that since Tim Cook took over the Apple Corp, its upstream suppliers for Apple products have adopted more stringent regulation and control. Some apple supplier, apple for the frequency of screening production line supplier not only more and more frequently, and spend every screening time is getting longer, the evaluation standard of Apple Corp supplier qualification gradually increased.
In the view of Apple suppliers, in addition to strictly control the quality of products outside the customs, the product brand shape is also essential, many suppliers gradually from agent accessories brand to build its own brand. If the supplier wants to be a "supporting actor" in the market, he should take a slice of it and occupy a place, and the product, service quality and brand building are required courses".
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