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How do you make apples?

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
Apple changed the world, changed people's traditional experience, how did he make it?
Many of Apple Corp's technology patents were acquired by mergers and acquisitions. It is worth mentioning that, Apple Corp mergers and acquisitions are advanced and predictable. It can be said that the apple to anticipate the development of intelligent mobile phone technology in the future, and to seize market opportunities
Iphone is by far the most successful smartphone product, which has helped Apple Corp break NOKIA's top 15 sales in February 2011 for the first time in the world, making it the world's largest smartphone maker.
The patented technology that leads the world is one of the "weapons" of iPhone's winning market. As everyone knows, the multi touch technology Apple Corp created a new development direction of the intelligent mobile phone, after almost all other mobile phone manufacturers have to follow their footsteps, to research on human-computer interaction technology to touch technology as the representative of the. While the Apple Corp has not stopped, technological innovation has continued. Apple released the latest intelligent mobile phone Iphone4S, the biggest improvement from the previous intelligent mobile phone is increasing the Siri voice assistant, Siri is using the speech recognition technology background based on cloud computing, favored by users. I believe that in the near future, voice recognition technology will lead a new upsurge, will be like touch control technology, the other mobile phone manufacturers have attached great importance to the research and development efforts.
Why does Apple Corp's technology always make one's step forward? In addition to Apple's strategic vision of the market, Apple Corp's patent strategy is equally worth exploring.
In fact, many of Apple Corp's technology patents were acquired by mergers and acquisitions.
Before Apple's foray into the smartphone industry, especially before 2002, most of the company's acquisitions were on personal computers, including operating systems, graphics chips, and peripheral software. But in 2005, Apple bought do gesture recognition company Fingerworks, this company has an important patent touch technology invented in 2008; and in 2010, Apple's acquisition of two semiconductor companies P.A.Semi and Inrinsity, the two companies are known for manufacturing high performance and low power processor, so as to help Iphone achieve reducing overall energy consumption in 2010, Apple bought; focus on speech recognition Siri, immediately launched a voice assistant products corresponding.
Careful analysis of the development history of apple, the acquisition strategy of technology foresight and judgment based on to the acquisition in a technical field to highlight the strength of small companies, rather than to acquire a technology leader in the field or well-known companies. Just because of this acquisition strategy, the Apple Corp will be able to "targeted", with the fastest speed to compensate for the lack of their products, or to get rid of dependence on other manufacturers, further by virtue of its strong R & D strength and strong financial resources will be integrated into the corporate R & D Department, to develop more excellent performance the product. Iphone is the best evidence of Apple's merger strategy.
From 2009 to 2011, Apple Corp acquired three map companies, including map database company Placebase, 3D map technology company Poly9, and 3D map technology company C3Technologies based on Web pages. Map technology is the key technology of location-based service. There is reason to believe that Apple Corp will step up research and development of location-based services in the future, and launch corresponding products.
Are other smartphone vendors Alexander? Are you ready, hold?
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