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A female Apple mobile phone theft, three men together thief thief

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
In July 17th, a female student on the bus, sending their apple iphone4S mobile phone was stolen, (Wuhan) 538 drivers and three senior boys together will catch the thief to its origin owner. Yesterday, the reporter found 538 road driver ray Chuan, he told the incident through.
12:40, ray drive from Zhongnan University for Wuchang Railway Station, line to Textile University Station, a girl on the bus after the vote, suddenly found the bag of Apple iPhone 4S mobile phone disappeared. Anxiously, she asked Rakawa Suke to get off the bus and ask if the passengers had seen the phone stolen. A male passenger used her eyes to tell her "yes," and signaled the thief had got on the bus. The girl hurriedly and aboard, request ray Sichuan will drive to the police station to call the police.
After a passenger lent his cell phone to the girl to call the police, ray Chuan immediately closed the front and rear doors and waited for the police to come. At this time, a female passenger in the rear of the car kept clamoring to get off, saying that she would be late for work. Ray rushed to the back of the car and advised her to be quiet, hoping she would cooperate with the police.
Suddenly, the front door was opened, a 40 year old man rushed out of the car, a car is turned and ran to the boarding 811 bus, walk away. He turned out to be the thief.
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