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What's the OTG line?

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
Now a lot of mobile phones with OTG function, and at the same time with OTG line, so in the end OTG line is what, OTG line how to use? Many people are not very clear, Xiaobian for everyone to explain. OTG is a new technology developed in recent years, the OTG line is the data line OTG, due to the increasing number of data equipment now, and the interface incompatibilities between different devices, in order to realize the link between different devices, released in December 18, 2001 by the USB Implementers Forum OTG standard, make different devices to facilitate data exchange. OTG lines have a variety of specifications, but generally speaking, the use of OTG lines is not difficult, and the user will automatically recognize the device as long as the corresponding interface is linked by the OTG line.
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