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Seven mobile phone OTG data line seven functions

Time:2017/7/18Posted:Shenzhen 0101 technology Co.,LTD
The OTG function is to realize the intelligent mobile devices and U disk device with USB interface connection, only mobile phone, PAD and other smart mobile devices usually use USB Micro or USB Mini interface, can not meet the U disk and other equipment with the USB interface connection, so OTG data line came into being.
Smart phones OTG common use
Below we will use the most commonly used smart phones, for example, cited the common use of OTG, to rate readers, more experience in use, but also please share with you to explore.
1, through the OTG connection U disk, mobile hard disk, the phone can read the information in the U disk;
2, through the OTG connection keyboard, you can input the text and other information on the mobile phone screen through the keyboard;
3, through the OTG connection mouse, use the mouse to operate the handset;
4, through the OTG connection digital camera, read digital camera photos;
5, through the OTG connection camera, reads the camera picture, the video frequency and so on;
6. Connect the printer via OTG (to be tested);
7, through the OTG to other mobile phones, MP3, MP4, and other charges;
OTG data line, its function is to realize the non computer other than mobile devices to achieve direct connection with each other, for today's smart phones and tablet computers are very popular and practical. adopt
OTG data lines, we can directly connect the phone to the U disk or other USB devices, greatly user use, while expanding the function of smart devices.
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